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August 2014 - "Pig Roast"
November 2013 - "Ask a Bartender: Tell Us About Your First Bartending Gig" Serious Eats

Jen Queen reflects on her first bartending gig up in San Francisco, location of Kimpton's Home Office!

November 2013 - "Snap, Crackle, Pop & Sip: Breakfast-Cereal Flavors Come to Cocktails"

If you haven't tried it yet, come on in and try the Cinnamon Toast Punch!!!

November 2013 - "Saltbox Dining & Drinking San Diego snags top talent"

We didn't just add one talent, we added two. Chef Jeremiah Bryant and Principal Bartender Jen Queen.

We are rebuilding the Gaslamp!

November 2013 - "Ask a Bartender: What's a Great Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner Drink?" Serious Eats

"My ridiculous friends (and by that I mean my family) and I usually drink copious amounts of Fernet Branca! Fernet is perfect for the occasion because it's a digestive. But let's be honest, we would drink Fernet even if it wasn't suitable." — Jen Queen (Saltbox Dining & Drinking)

November 2013 - "DIY whiskey" San Diego CityBeat

Check out Jen Queen's Pumpkin Reduction for the Easy Pilgrim Cocktail

November 2013 - "Ask a bartender: What's the strangest drink you've ever encountered" Serious Eats

"I drank something at El Dorado called a Hipster Tit. This peculiar concoction involved peach schnapps and cottage cheese. Yes, it was had peach schnapps and cottage cheese in it!" — Jen Queen (Saltbox Dining & Drinking)

November 2013 - "Saltbox restaurant takes it to the street" San Diego Union Tribune

Downtown eatery revamps with new chef, menu and ground-floor dining

April 2013 - "2013 OpenTable Diner's Choice Award" OpenTable

As a tribute to the excellent experience Saltbox provides, diners voted us onto the 2013 OpenTable Diners' Choice lists.

February 2013 - "San Diego restaurants make a night on the town a matter of good taste during Restaurant Week." San Diego Food Finds

"Expect bold flavors from Chef Simon Dolinky for Restaurant Week at Saltbox."

February 2013 - "Valentine’s Dining Guide " Discover SD

"The three-course dinner from Chef Dolinky rejuvenates the romance in a downtown hotspot."

The three-course dinner from Chef Dolinky rejuvenates the romance in a downtown hotspot. - See more at:
The three-course dinner from Chef Dolinky rejuvenates the romance in a downtown hotspot. - See more at:
The three-course dinner from Chef Dolinky rejuvenates the romance in a downtown hotspot. - See more at:
Valentine’s Dining Guide
January 2013 - "Saltbox's Taco Tuesdays" Eater

"Chef, Simon Dolinky, just launched his version of Taco Tuesday, a whole fish dinner that feeds two; it comes with all the fixings (handmade tortillas, beans, orange-cumin slaw, avocado, and two salsas) for just $15."

January 2013 - "Ask a Bartender: What Ingredient Do You Want To See More Often? " Serious Eats

"Orgeat! It's an amazing substitute for simple syrup and gives a hint of nuttiness in the aftertaste. I love a great Mai Tai!"

January 2013 - "National Pancake Day" KUSI News

"Chef Simon whips up some pancakes for National Pancake Day."

January 2013 - "Ask A Bartender: What's Your Favorite Hot Drink (and How Do You Make It)?" Serious Eats

"We've been playing around with Spanish Coffees after seeing Rob Roy in Seattle use it in their advent calendar. I modified it a little bit, adding brandy, espresso, Kahlua, amaretto and Frangelico topped with homemade whipped cream."

January 2013 - "Ask A Bartender: Which Cocktail Ingredients Are You Excited About?" Serious Eats

"I've recently been playing around with Campari... it's a bold, well-rounded flavor and great for 'Smashes' or 'Sour' cocktails. I love that it's so bitter because it works really well with tart. It gives cocktails another layer, another element."

December 2012 - "End of the world dinner at Saltbox" Eater

The Midwest-born chef is putting together an over-the-top five course meal with some of his ultimate food favorites — fried chicken, potatoes, pork belly, sea urchin.

May 2012 - "Bon Appetit/San Diego Saltbox Review" Westways

“Chef Simon Dolinky’s delightful menu only looks to the past when there’s a chance to reinterpret classics. The newish concept of “social dining” is prompted by such shareable, transnational appetizers."

May 2012 - "Free-Spirited Sleeps" Sunset Magazine

"Don’t miss the Saltbox Bar, where hot-shot bartender Erin Williams makes killer cocktails.”

May 2012 - "Suite Life-Dive in" Riviera Magazine

“San Diego’s rooftop scene just got tastier thanks to Saltbox at the Hotel Palomar. This spring, it’s launching a new, Baja-inspired menu, Tacos by Chido Man, on its pool deck. Adult beverages from the hotel’s all-star mixologists include the Faint of Heart and the Indian Summer. Meet your new watering hole.”

May 2012 - "Sip on low-cal skinny cocktails" San Diego Union Tribune

The Palomar Hotel’s signature restaurant, Saltbox isn’t messing around with its menu of craft cocktails. With the dieting party people in mind, Mixologist Erin Williams offers three low-cal cocktails that still pack a punch."

May 2012 - "Discover this week’s best San Diego’s events" Discover SD

“The Palomar Hotel recently introduced the renovated pool deck, SummerSalt, complete with a new menu of casual bites from Chef Simon Dolinky and spirits from Mixologist Erin Williams.”

March 2012 - "A bold, Urban Success" San Diego Downtown News

Our latest review- From San Diego Downtown News!!

March 2012 - "Bartender of the Month" Nightclub & Bar

"Williams draws inspiration from fresh, locally grown ingredients; standouts on the Saltbar menu showcase this inspiration as well as her love of classic cocktails with offerings such as the Pimientos Dulces"

February 2012 - "KUSI loves Saltbox Dining & Drinking" KUSI News

Check out Chef Simon and Mixologist Erin Williams cooking and shaking!

February 2012 - "Top 10 Hot Spots In (Sunny) San Diego" Food Republic

"Stellar cocktails. Sexy crowd. And truly fun food — house-cured salmon pastrami reuben and addictive brown-butter popcorn — from chef Simon Dolinky."

February 2012 - "Fresh Faces: New chefs in the kitchen at many local restaurants" North County Times

"Favorite flavors of the moment: Anything spicy!

Signature dish: Kalbe Beef Cheek Tacos With Snap Pea Kim Chee

Where you like to eat around town: Rubio's fish tacos!"

February 2012 - "Valentine's Day Guide: Romantic Red Cocktails" Good Morning America - Online

They love our Blushing Fizz!

January 2012 - "Chefs' Recipes" Tasting Table

"The time-honored French lemon-and-brown-butter sauce known as beurre meunièreoften dresses steamed vegetables and sautéed fish. At San Diego's Saltbox Dining & Drinking, chef Simon Dolinky uses it to transform the cinema-house favorite: popcorn. Add a squeeze of lemon juice and herb-laden finish of thyme and parsley to offset the rich sauce. Have the popcorn star in an upcoming movie marathon, award-show screening or sports final."

January 2012 - "Going whole hog (fish and duck, too)" San Diego Union Tribune

"Like ravenous Amazonian piranhas, you and a friend attack a whole fried bass using fork prongs to rake down crackly skin and white meat and oily cheek and raisin-chewy salty eyeballs"

January 2012 - "Saltbox delivers stylish, tasty food" San Diego CityBeat

"Saltbox, you saucy devils, you’re already on my good side"

"Our forks dueled over every bite of Potato Dumpling Gratin—though it wasn’t very gratin-like at all."

January 2012 - "50 People To watch - Executive Chef SImon Dolinky chosen" San Diego Magazine
January 2012 - "This weekend's great cocktails- Mental Ward cocktail" San Diego Union Tribune

I've had it in a glass and it's so nectar-satisfying  I'd drink it out of a motorcyclist's boot.

December 2011 - "Review - Saltbox" San Diego Magazine

"Sharing plates at Hotel Palomar's new restaurant is like a gastro-tour from the Big Easy to the California coast"

"this space has been given something far better than a facelift.  Now  it has heart...and hope"

December 2011 - "Food and Drink Guide" Riviera Magazine
November 2011 - "New & Notable: Restaurant debuts, menu changes, and trend tracking" San Diego Magazine

Suite & Tender is out of the former Se' Hotel (now Hotel Palomar) and Saltbox is in. Chef Simon Dolinky's menu of New American "social plates" can be made large or small, depending on the size of your party and are all less than $25.

November 2011 - "Saltbox's cocktails range from simple to complex" San Diego CityBeat

Erin Williams is the new savant behind the bar, and she's managed to initiate a cocktail program that's both accessible and inventive.

October 2011 - "Simon Dolinky Leaves Blvd 16 to Open Saltbox in San Diego"

Sorry L.A., but you didn't appreciate the seasonal stewardship of chef Simon Dolinky while you had him and now he's run off to San Diego.

October 2011 - "The Se San Diego is Now Kimpton's Hotel Palomar San Diego"

The long and winding road for the troubled Se San Diego has come to an...on-ramp to a very happy future with Kimpton Hotels. The hotel has been rebranded as The Palomar San Diego, making it the second Kimpton property in town (after the Solamar.)

What is new is the hotel's restaurant, Saltbox, led by chef Simon Dolinky (who came from Palomar in LA). The restaurant replaces the old Suite and Tender space and the new menu features a "gastro-lounge" menu with all shared plates under $25. Plus there's a strong (heh) cocktail program led by mixologist Erin Williams of Hush Cocktails and Pegu Club fame.

October 2011 - "EaterWire" Eater

Former BLVD 16 cookster Simon Dolinky has accepted the executive chef role at newbie Saltbox Dining & Drinking in San Dieg's Se Hotel. Cocktail are run by Erin Williams who once worked at Aubrey Saunders' Pegu Club in NYC.

October 2011 - "Saltbox Dining & Drinking" Thrillist

After recetly acquiring The Se, Kimpton Hotels is ousting Suite & Tender in favor of Saltbox: a 175-seat, bi-level resto/"gastro-lounge" with the upstairs acting as the grubbin' space, and the base level housing the classily appointed "Saltbar" with a marble-topped boozed dispensary and meandering lounge interspersed with tiled pillars that look like the bodies fo emaciated diamondbacks, which are all but extincct since the Big Unit departed in'04.

October 2011 - "Boutique Hotel is Reborn as "Urban Retreat" in Downtown" San Diego Business Journal

Hospitality: Style, Culture and Cuisine Are Key Elements for Property
San Francisco-based Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group LLC has followed up on its $49 million purchase of the former Se` San Diego hotel by renaming it Hotel Palomar San Diego, updating its interior designs and rebooting its in-house restaurant, among other changes.

October 2011 - "Downtown Eats" Ranch & Coast

Saltbox just debuted as a New American gastro-lounge under the helm of executive chef Simon Dolinky. Located in the spot previously occupied by Suite & Tender, the restaurant's de'cor is the same for now, while Dolinky's new menu offers ingredient driven 'social plates.

September 2011 - "Simon Dolinky Leaves Blvd 16 to Open Saltbox in San Diego"

Sorry L.A., but you didn't appreciate the seasonal stewardship of chef Simon Dolinky while you had him and now he's run off to San Diego. Dolinky helmed Blvd 16 at Westwood's Kimpton Palomar with a serious devotion to local product (growing herbs on the Kimpton's roof before the trend swept up the city) on a bright, minimal menu that flaunted natural essence, organic seafood and meats, responsible purveyors, and the chef's own resourceful imagination.

September 2011 - "Prominent downtown hotel gets a new name" Sign On San Diego

The tony Sè hotel, which was purchased out of bankruptcy earlier this year by Kimpton Hotels, has a new name: the Hotel Palomar. As part of its effort to re-launch the hotel, which had a rocky history even before it opened in late 2008, the San Francisco-based hotel group is announcing today its plan for re-branding the 183-room property.

September 2011 - "Eater Wire: Lunch at Bodega, New Pastries at Caffe Luxxe, MORE!" Eater

Former BLVD 16 cookster Simon Dolinky has accepted the executive chef role at newbie Saltbox Dining & Drinking in San Diego's Se Hotel. Cocktails are run by Erin Williams who once worked at Audrey Saunders' Pegu Club in NYC.